TEAM 5040



Team 5040 is a 9th year FTC team based out of

Loveland High School

We strive to create robots capable of competing at the highest level, while also reaching out to our community to share our experience and expertise for the benefit of others.


#23 in the FTC Hall Of Fame

SkyStone (21-9-0)

Cincinnati Winning Alliance Captain, 1st Inspire

Wapakoneta Finalist Alliance, Control Award, Promote Award

Newark Winning Alliance & Finalist Innovate

Rover Ruckus (38-6-0)

WV Winning Alliance Captain

OH Winning Alliance

Worlds Design Award Finalist

Relic Recovery (47-8-0)

WV Finalist Alliance

OH Winning Alliance Captain

NSR Finalist Alliance

Worlds Division Finalist Captain

Velocity Vortex (32-11-2)

WV Finalist Alliance Captain

OH Finalist Alliance

NSR Winning Alliance Captain

Worlds Division Semi-Finalist Alliance


Newark Finalist Alliance, Control award, Promote Award

Cincinnati Think Award

Cascade Effect

Dayton Control Award

Cincinnati Finalist Alliance, 1st Inspire Award

Block Party

Cincinnati Winning Alliance

Ring It Up

Dayton Think Award


Since our team's start in 2011, we have come a long way in our robot's design and function.

Each season starts with a design process, where we develop robot ideas and game strategies. We then utilize CAD and prototyping to help design and build our robot. Through the use of CAD we have been able to make 3D printed and custom-cut aluminum parts that helped us advance our robots further than ever before.

Design & Strategy Presentation

This is our annual Design & Strategy Presentation for the Cincinnati Ohio kickoff event. In this, we go over our 7 step, 2 week process of designing, strategizing, and prototyping a robot for any FTC reason. Just click on the link below!

Our Code

All of our code is stored on GitHub for easy collaboration, and is also open to the public.



Team 5040 has 14 members this season, all of which attend Loveland High School. Of the 14 members, 3 are Freshmen, 4 are Sophomores, 3 are Juniors and 4 are Seniors. We have 5 rookies this season, and each season we look to find new members to keep the team going.





Team Lead:

Ethan Astifan

Build            Programming       Business



Independence Day Expo
July 4, 2019

P&G Bring Your Kids To Work Day
August 9, 2019

iSpace Kickoff
September 7, 2019


iSpace Day

October 5, 2019

American Legion Pasta Dinner

November 9, 2019

Ross Rambotics FLL Tournament

November 23, 2019

Loveland High School Scrimmage

November 4, 2019

--- Recurring Events ---

FLL Jr. Mentoring

Every other Thursday

FLL Mentoring

Most Thursdays

VEX Mentoring

Every other Wednesday

Richard Allen Academy STEM Club

2nd Monday of every month

More Events To Be Announced


Ohio State Newark - COTC Qualifier
December 13-14, 2019
Reese Center
1209 University Blvd
Newark, OH 43055

Wapakoneta Qualifier
January 17-18, 2020
Wapakoneta High School
1 Redskin Trail
Wapakoneta, OH 45895

Cincinnati Qualifier
January 24-25, 2020
Walnut Hills High School
3250 Victory Parkway
Cincinnati, OH 45207


Ohio State Newark Qualifier
Winning Alliance
2nd Innovate


Applications are available in April for the following school year.  See our ​Applications page for more information.

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The Loveland Robotics Boosters is a 501(c)(3) Organization.      (c) 2020

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