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The Loveland Robotics Program is made up of robotics teams for all ages. With over 120 student participants, students are challenged to effectively collaborate in order to build, program, fund, and compete with their robot.


What is Competitive Robotics?

A Robotics Competition is an event where robots have to accomplish tasks in 2v2 matches or solo. Each robot accomplishes certain tasks on the field, and is then ranked against the other teams.

Why We Do Robotics

The goal of the Loveland Robotics program is to build robots that compete, inspire the community, and to teach kids about STEM through hands-on experiences in an engaging and fun way.

Is This Battlebots?

No. We do not destroy other robots.




K - 4

Loveland Teams:

  • #14773 Windy Hollow Wee Bots

  • Team Gravity

  • Crazy Cranes

Lego Robotics Jr.

In FIRST Lego League, Jr., teams build a Lego model of a solution to a real-world problem that they research. They then present this solution, and their model of it, to the judges, practicing presentation skills. It is far less competitive than the other robotics competitions.



4 - 8

Loveland Teams:

  • 4075 Striped Might

  • 38182 Mercury’s Mechanics

  • 45662 The Growling Gears

  • 46800 Master Builders

Loveland Lego Robotics

In FIRST Lego League, teams build and program a Lego robot to complete preset challenges. All of the robot’s actions must be autonomous, and it cannot be touched or controlled. There is only one robot ever on the field at once. Teams also work on and present a research project, tackling contemporary issues related to the theme of the game, through contacting industry professionals.



7 - 12

Loveland Teams:

  • 97310 A,B & C (MS)

  • 10565 A,B,C,D & E

Vex Robotics Competition

In VEX Robotics Competition, teams focus mostly on their robot. Teams must build their entire robot out of VEX brand parts and program it in VEXcode V5. This means that teams must be creative and develop a solution using standardized parts. Teams compete in 2v2 matches, and are ranked based on their scores. Teams then create alliances with 1 other team, and compete with them to try and win the competition.



9 - 12

Loveland Teams:

  • 5040 Nuts & Bolts

  • 10464 Bionic Tigers

FIRST Tech Challenge

In FIRST Tech Challenge, teams build and program a robot for competition, as well as spread FIRST to the community. Teams can build their robots out of virtually anything, leaving a very open window for designing a robot. Teams compete in 2v2 matches, and are ranked based on their scores. Teams then create alliances with 2 other teams, and compete with them in tournament-style finals.

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